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Click the link.
Click the soccer ball in the scrubber (the bottom menu bar with the slider).
Posted by vinny9 on June 24, 2010. Tagged with
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Nil-Nil Draw + Sound of Angry Bees = World's Greatest Spectacle
Surf the web as if you're at the World Cup! http://www.vuvuzela-time.co.uk
Posted by chrisdye on June 22, 2010. Tagged with


Go to google.
Search "world cup".
Tons of good info is listed at the top.
Make sure you scroll to the bottom.
Posted by vinny9 on June 8, 2010. Tagged with


Think Jerry would react this way?
Posted by registeredname on October 28, 2009. Tagged with


Statistics on Everything in the World
On this planet so far this year, have there been more bicycles produced or abortions performed? Find out here! Worldometers
Posted by chrisdye on October 22, 2009. Tagged with


Blogs are so 1918
A man is posting his grandfather's letters from the First World War trenches on a blog, 90 years to the day from when they were written:

Posted by chrisdye on January 8, 2008. Tagged with


People Powered News
The Real News Network is working on an audacious plan to change the economics (and truthiness) of television journalism. Watch their intro video, it makes a good case:

Posted by dustin on November 13, 2007. Tagged with
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Time Zone Map

Wikipedia has a really nice map of the time zone divisions around the world. Clicking the image will take you to the full 4779x1979 map. A number of interesting political-geographic choices have been made regarding time zones. China is huge, but keeps everything in the same time zone. Europe is pretty wide, but also keeps mostly in 1 time zone. The UK is close enough geographically to be in time with Europe, but is 1 hour off instead. India and some other countries are 30 minutes off the normal hours. It's an entertaining hodgepodge.
Posted by dustin on October 2, 2007. Tagged with
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You live in an amazing world

Watch this beautiful trailer for the BBC series Planet Earth, and have a happy day. I command it.
Posted by dustin on July 30, 2007. Tagged with
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GDP Density Map
From Econbrowser: The distribution of world income comes this map of "GDP density", calculated by multiplying GDP per capita by the number of people per square kilometer.

Posted by dustin on January 15, 2007. Tagged with
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