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The Devil's Brigade
The Devil's Brigade is a TV mini-series that just aired on History Television (in Canada). The show's creators have also filled the website with multimedia.

Sillysoft was contracted to create a game for the show, and the result is the free Devil's Brigade Lux. It's a small version of Lux.
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Oops! Bank robbery at the gimp pride parade
John Feld is an outrageously funny guy whom I know in Toronto. He has multiple sclerosis and represents disabled interests. He has a storied past: living on a commune, as a communist party operative, being a jackass, getting the poetry on the subway.

He's putting on the play of his dreams. A bank robbery goes down during the gimp pride parade. It's on August 3, 11, 13 in Toronto.
"Disgraceful! Tasteless! Hilarious! No taboo left unmolested. Costumed cripples in wheelchairs parading down the streets! Cripples in scooters making love out-doors."

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