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This is ingenious!

At least it's better than .punching a guy in teh face before eating
Posted by registeredname on September 29, 2009. Tagged with


New Yorker cover art done on iPhone
Video here. The embedding was busted by something in the vorg code.
Posted by vinny9 on May 27, 2009. Tagged with


Never take the 162
New York Cheat Sheets

I need to think about my Montreal cheat sheets...
Posted by vinny9 on October 17, 2008. Tagged with


Dear Universe, II
When you hit 50 replies, it's time to start a new thread...


Conductor: I know you are not holding the doors on my train! I'll kick your ass!

--1 train

Conductor: If you do not step away from the doors the train will keep sitting here, you will not get where you are going, and I will still get paid.

--S train

Thug: Anybody who grew up where I grew up knows there's a million things you can do with a mothafuckin' grape!

--23rd & 7th
Posted by vinny9 on May 23, 2007. Tagged with
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Time Out -- Say What?
This Time Out New York article describes how cool and hip Montreal is.

Thoughts? Responses?

Here are some items that I particularly enjoyed:

a) Who the Hell stays at Hotel Godin?
b) The ONLY neighborhood they describe is Mile End...wtf?
c) Casa Del Popolo = "relaxing jazz"?
Posted by Gbrowdy on February 21, 2007. Tagged with
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Bird's Eye View
I found this cool map of Manhattan from 1851 in the Library of Congress' digital collection, American Memory.

I really want to visit the LoC now...
Posted by vinny9 on August 1, 2006. Tagged with


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