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I Want You To Try Ass Effects
I think the folks at Eisai pharmaceuticals may have wanted to try saying the name of their new drug out loud a few times before designing the marketing campaign. (Either that or they are marketing geniuses counting on the internet to spread it virally, and I am playing right into their hands.)

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Let Me Tell You: I'm A Diabetic
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The Distant Future, the Year 2000
Japan on course to make all anime come true
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My Brain Wants Me To Buy This
Maximizing neurological effectiveness in advertising

- Images and logos on the left.
- Text and numbers on the right.
- The faster you engage a viewer, the better (duh). 5-7 seconds is typical,1.5 seconds is award-winning.
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Misleading advertising
I got excited when I saw this on air canada:

All you can fly! Unlimited travel for the price of a single ticket!

Winter Getaway Pass - North America - One traveller - 2 months. Unlimited: $799.00

Fine print: Flight Pass prices quoted above are per month and in Canadian dollars and do not include GST and QST, where applicable.

So basically, the price is in fact DOUBLE what they're advertising. What a bunch of wankers. Also, you can only travel on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. That's a bit of a stretch on the word "unlimited". If it were truly unlimited, I'd be able to fly whenever they have flights.
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