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Oh so simple...
So VLC 1.0 was released this week with the tantalizing feature of "AirTunes streaming", which would be awesome for my setup.

Yeah, so here's the instructions.

Easy as rocket science!
Posted by vinny9 on July 11, 2009. Tagged with


Sine O' the Times
Workaround for YouTube audio compression
Posted by vinny9 on July 28, 2008. Tagged with


Storytelling with Ira Glass
This may be really inspiring to some of you. It's about the art and difficulty of telling stories (esp. on radio and TV), and doing it from the heart. In four parts, via YouTube, here.

Ira Glass is the popular host of "This American Life" on NPR and Showtime on TV. He says, "In the purest way, it's about luck."
Posted by Mirzipan on June 19, 2008. Tagged with


This blows my mind. No audio editing software has ever been able to separate notes played at the same time before.

Posted by Bryan on March 20, 2008. Tagged with
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Battered Mix
The decline of sound engineering in pop music
Posted by vinny9 on December 30, 2007. Tagged with


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