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Definitely NOT a Racist
"I just don't want to live around areas that are heavily, predominantly non-white."
Posted by vinny9 on July 19, 2010. Tagged with


The News As It Always Is
Posted by vinny9 on January 28, 2010. Tagged with


This Blew My Mind
Probably one of the best videos I have ever seen in my life...

Posted by registeredname on November 25, 2009. Tagged with
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Impressive Polygons
Papercrafted giant head

I spy a Miyamoto tee in the photoset.
Posted by vinny9 on November 3, 2009. Tagged with


Band Montage!
Speaking of revolutionising music, has anyone else seen these awesome "literal" music videos? The "Take On Me" one is the original (and best, I think), but "Under The Bridge" is also pretty hilarious.

Posted by goodladd on January 30, 2009. Tagged with
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The guy next to me on the T today was playing Lux on his iPhone.

That is all.
Posted by goodladd on October 29, 2008. Tagged with
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My new favourite Russian boy band
Posted by Alex on July 17, 2008. Tagged with
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Random Links for June 5
Posted by dustin on June 5, 2008. Tagged with


Random Links for June 3
Posted by dustin on June 3, 2008. Tagged with
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Random Links for May 21
Posted by dustin on May 21, 2008. Tagged with


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