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Best Songs of 2008
Every year I return to Sillytech to point people to my favourite tracks of the year. This year is no different.

The best 50 songs of 2008.

As always, I get carried away. You can also download zip files of the whole kit'n'caboodle. And see Dan's favourite albums, here.
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Some parting thoughts
When Pakistan was partitioned from India on the basis of religion (Hindu vs. Muslim), both countries were given little enclaves in the other country where "their" people lived. Some of those enclaves themselves have enclaves, so that to walk a kilometre would mean crossing two, three, or even eight international borders.

Click on the map to see the full scale of this sillyness.
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The Best Music of 2007
The Best Music of 2007

Like last year and the year before, I've compiled my favourite songs of the year at Said the Gramophone. This time: fifty of them. The prose is purple, the songs available in individual and zipped form, and I hope they bring some measure of spark to your accursed Thursday morning. Dan, Jordan and I also shared lists of our favourite albums of the year. Happy holidays!
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The Best Music of 2006
The Best Music of 2006

For those who enjoyed it last time (and for those who didn't), I've again compiled my favourite songs of 2006 and made the top 35 available for download at Said the Gramophone, replete with typically Seanian prose. Like a breathless punch in the chest, etc etc.
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Why Does Canada Hate?
Take our motherf**king asbestos, developing world.

Apologies if this is old news. I'm a little out of the loop these days.
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