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I Don't Dare Start One
20 free Browser RPG games
Posted by vinny9 on January 19, 2010. Tagged with
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Oh Dear
I have no idea what to make of this.
Posted by goodladd on June 13, 2009. Tagged with


Yo Quiero Taco Campana?
Posted by goodladd on July 14, 2008. Tagged with


Just Browsing
Firefox 3 is out in Beta and I decided to give it a run on my Macbook. Camino goes into CPU overdrive at random moments. Safari becomes unresponsive once per day.

I've only had it for a short while but already it's my favourite. Firefox 2 was not much better than the other two but this is a clear step in the right direction. Hopefully no deal-killer shows up (it's still in Beta though so I'll cut it some slack).

The interface is a lot nicer, the URL completion is smarter, and the layout is clean with the important stuff one touch away. Colour me impressed.
Posted by vinny9 on March 8, 2008. Tagged with
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Fun or Logical Analysis?
The one Linguistics paper I would ever show to Chris Dye before GBrowdy: Imperfect puns, Markedness and Phonological Similarity.
Posted by Mariana on October 31, 2007. Tagged with
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My Freakin' Pride!
I tried to respond to Andrew's post below several times, to offer an explanation before GBrowdy could show off. Alas! Sillytech thought I was spam! Even though I was logged in.

So I will offer you more auditory illusions thanks to the awesome Al Bregman AND another way cool video demonstrating the properties of sound using salt.

I will also remind Andrew- and any other readers who may or may not be named Gil- that he called me the better linguist. That's right... I'm the pettier better linguist!
Posted by Mariana on October 14, 2007. Tagged with
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99 Problems
Astronauts were drunk at liftoff.

Employee sabotaged computer due to go to space station.
Posted by vinny9 on July 26, 2007. Tagged with


Let's Hear It
Gimme some song titles for the upcoming Broadway musical of Spiderman.
Posted by vinny9 on April 20, 2007. Tagged with
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Too much information..
Posted by LePhil on November 14, 2006. Tagged with
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