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Esquire's 75 skills every man should master.

Some good suggestions. Some skills that have fallen by the wayside. Most (if not all) good for guys and gals.

Posted by Mirzipan on May 14, 2008. Tagged with
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Captions, Etc.

eg. As his weeks-long battle with constipation finally and unexpectedly resolves itself, Bill Gates reaches for the nearest approximation of toilet paper.

eg. With the anti-trust hearings going poorly, Bill frantically tries ctrl-alt-deleting himself.
Posted by goodladd on March 12, 2007. Tagged with
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Toronto Improv Competition Follow Up
Eric Rosenhek, who used to be a CIA member, sent me this link:


It's a short article talking about the U of T competition.
Posted by registeredname on January 31, 2007. Tagged with


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