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Montreal Improv Gives It All Away
We're having a little ticket giveaway over on our blog. If you're in town, feel free to participate.

Montreal Improv ticket contest
Posted by vinny9 on July 11, 2009. Tagged with


I'm on College Humour!
I entered the collegehumour.com costume contest.
Check it out:
click here!
Posted by registeredname on October 31, 2007. Tagged with


Iraq descends into lameness

Posted by chrisdye on April 1, 2007. Tagged with


Midi? Yes, I am.
CONTEST: Find the worst MIDI file on the internet and post a link to it as a response to this thread. The winner receives a Kit Kat.* GO!

(Midis are those annoying internet musak filesthat end with ".mid", often embedded in lame geocities sites).

*If I find the worst one, the internet owes me a Kit Kat.
Posted by chrisdye on July 14, 2006. Tagged with
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