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A webcomic written by a 5 yr old and illustrated by his 29 yr old brother.

(via Story Robot)
Posted by vinny9 on April 7, 2010. Tagged with
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Predator Telescope
Herschel Space Observatory has started calibration

Looks great!
Posted by vinny9 on June 20, 2009. Tagged with


A guy with cat and glasses

Jamie Lidell - Yougotmeup (Warp Records) from Konx-om-Pax on Vimeo.
Posted by Mirzipan on January 12, 2009. Tagged with
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Last Set of Specs
Pictures of Shuttle preparation for the final Hubble service mission

It's scheduled for this October.
Posted by vinny9 on September 2, 2008. Tagged with


You sharkan't trust hackers
Sharks do not really attack helicopters :(
Posted by chrisdye on October 3, 2007. Tagged with
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Where's The DMCA When You Need It?
I don't really know what to make of this.
Posted by goodladd on October 26, 2006. Tagged with


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