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Series of posters for the planets (and Pluto)
Posted by vinny9 on February 8, 2010. Tagged with


Chiquita Banana sticker redesign
Posted by vinny9 on February 5, 2010. Tagged with


Lantern Park Design Entry
Lantern Park - Beacon at Main and Terminal is an entry in the VPSN "Where's the Square?" design competition, created by myself and 2 friends. It's a re-design of the large park between Main St Skytrain station and Pacific Central station in Vancouver.

Posted by dustin on April 8, 2009. Tagged with
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Apologies if you've seen this already I can't remember where I found it.

Anyway, go here, install the bookmarklet, and then if you find yourself on a particularly cluttered/eye-destroying webpage, just click on it and it'll strip away all the nastiness and leave you with just the text of the page in one, easy-to-read column. Great stuff.
Posted by goodladd on March 15, 2009. Tagged with


Cooler or Colour?
Did I never post this? I've been using it for months:
Kuler by Adobe
Posted by vinny9 on February 3, 2009. Tagged with


I Beat Up Your Eyes
Possibly the most painful web design I've seen.
Posted by vinny9 on March 17, 2008. Tagged with
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Game Design
I was just re-reading one of my favourite all-time reads and realised (I don't think) that it's never been posted here. It's pretty likely that the usual suspects have read this but on the off-chance they haven't or other people might be interested here it is:

I Have No Words And I Must Design by Greg Costikyan
Posted by vinny9 on January 15, 2007. Tagged with


Lux Delux goes Lux Deluxe
Lux Delux got a redesign in version 5.5. People kept asking for a map preview in the "new game" window, so it was added. Along with more plugin buttons, networking and game improvements. The train of Lux updates is an example of ongoing iterative software development. It just keeps getting more awesome!

Lux Delux 5.5 strategy game

PS: Just in time for Luxtoberfest III.

Posted by dustin on September 17, 2006. Tagged with
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