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Vancouver illuminares lantern festival
The Illuminares Lantern Procession was last night and it was spectacular. Bobbing and artful lanterns were on display in trout lake park (which is my local awesome park). Plus music, dancing, wild things, and fireworks.

I took a few photos and there are lots more from this year and past years on flickr.

It turns out it's pretty easy to make a simple box lantern. As long as you have some wood, glues, tissue paper, wire, and instructions. Thank you to the Public Dreams Society for providing all of those things when we stumbled on their lantern making workshop.

Lessons learned for my next lantern making session:
- use a light color paper tissue as background all around, and fill up each panel with decoration.
- 'ears' on the top of the box are cool, and could be made into a point easily.
- bring extra tea candles for a never-ending lantern night.
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I was able to remember two dream snippets from last night. Lucid dreams here I come...
Posted by dustin on April 10, 2003. Tagged with
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the dream world
I have always wanted to be able to know when i was dreaming and control myself in the dream world. Now I've found out that so-called 'lucid dreaming' is a scientifically studied practice, and there are techniques for achieving it.

This is now officially on my goal list. Step one is to increase my dream retention rate. Usually I don't remember my dreams very often, but i know at least one way to alter this. I have put a dream-log beside my bed to record any dreams that i do remember. Recording and discussing dreams is also supposed to increase retention.
Posted by dustin on April 10, 2003. Tagged with
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