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Posted by dustin on February 2, 2010. Tagged with


What's it like in Nairobi, Kenya?
The online community around Lux is a pretty diverse group. One member has been living in Nairobi, Kenya for the past 2 years. He recently made a detailed post in the forums describing the situation there. It's a fascinating read, here's a snippet:
Just like the world's largest slum (in terms of population per square meter [yes, that is correct. Over one million people in two square kilometers]), Kibari, "doesn't exist" according to the government. It's just a big open air market. Because Kenya doesn't have any slums, you know. Not even Mathare (another "not a slum") where the murder rate per day is comparable to Oakland CA's per /week/...in a space just over a square kilometer.
Posted by dustin on April 22, 2007. Tagged with
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