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Cream Cheese N Math
Mobius bagel
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Poutine, not on the list
Breakfast from around the world
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I Shoot Them (into my mouth)
Space Invader cookies
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Fast to Adjust Faster
Skipping meals can help skip jet lag
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Six degrees of starvin' nations
In 788 words, Paul Krugman sums up the global policy trap surrounding food. It's not funny or youtube, but it is insightful. He goes from the food crisis to emerging economies to oil prices to bad weather to biofuel to political mis-management.

Here's the beginning of Krugman's NY Times Op-ed 7Apr2008, "Grains Gone Wild":
Posted by Mirzipan on April 9, 2008. Tagged with
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Food Fight
For my first post on Glorp, here's something cool yet offensive: a history of the last 60 years of warfare as told through food.

Posted by chrisdye on March 11, 2008. Tagged with
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*Cookie Monster Eating Noises*
Montreal restaurant openings in 2008

After getting interested in the foodie scene mostly thanks to King Casey's erudite yet eminently readable food blog and a xmas gift of the Larousse Gastronomique (Hardcover) from me to Tash (which I've been perusing), I'm slowly getting interested in being hoity-toity with mah food. Thanks, King Casey!

Another good Montreal foodie blog is An Endless Banquet.
Posted by vinny9 on February 20, 2008. Tagged with
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Two Fer
Photos and info from "What the World Eats"

Photos from the last Shuttle mission
You can see the cockpit and the blanket gap they had to fix. Plus some very nice EVA pics and Aurora Borealis from space.

Posted by vinny9 on June 28, 2007. Tagged with
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Not For The House of Saud
Usage of Canada's Arable Land
Posted by vinny9 on May 17, 2007. Tagged with


The Gourmet Project
I've been working on a cooking project for a while. I'm preparing photographing and writing about every recipe in The Gourmet Cookbook. Now I'm ready to blog about it. Come watch me drown in butter, attempt to confit my own duck legs, and tackle more than 200 pages of deserts.

Dinner invitations will be forthcoming because I certainly can't eat all of this on my own.

The Gourmet Project
Posted by KingCasey on March 9, 2007. Tagged with
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