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Hi Dustin!

Can we add Gil's blog back to the blog list? I hear he is writing there again and i just thought it would be nice to have him with all the other friends up there.

Alternatively, can someone post his blog address here? I can't remember it immediately ...Gilsomething...somethingBrowdy... ah I can't remember that sort of thing!

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Was looking up something else and found this:
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Vaganza 8
Calling all McAlumni!

Vaganza 8 is scheduled for February 16-17, Saturday to Sunday, noon to noon. (The noon to noon part is to be confirmed)

Who wants to come to Montreal?
Posted by Bryan on January 29, 2008. Tagged with
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She folded her arms beneath her breasts
Author Robert Jordan has passed away.

This is sad. Many years ago I enjoyed some of these books very much.


However Gil said the following, Friday night:

"If Robert Jordan dies before he finishes the Wheel of Time series, I am going to kill the whole world."

I am already trembling.
Posted by Sean on September 17, 2007. Tagged with
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Can You Tell I Took A Sick Day Today?
This really reminds me of Gil, especially the LCD TV part. Or maybe it's the camel.

Okay, I promise no more posting on Sillytech until someone else has put something up.
Posted by goodladd on July 2, 2007. Tagged with


Improv Summit 2007
IMPROV SUMMIT 2007 is upon us. McGill, U of T, U of Ottawa, Carleton, U de Montréal, Sherbrooke and UQAM battle for university improv comedy supremacy this Saturday, March 24, at Shatner University Centre, 3480 McTavish, Montreal.

1:15-3:00 FIRST ROUND: McGill-Ottawa- U de M
4:00-6:00 SECOND ROUND: UQAM-Carleton-Sherbrooke-U of T
8:00-9:00 Quebec-Ontario All-Star Game
9:15-10:45 Finals

See it all for $3. More info at www.improvsummit.com

Posted by chrisdye on March 21, 2007. Tagged with
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Good Lad Gone Wrong
I thought I'd beat Andrew to the punch by posting this utterly ridiculous news story.

Highlights to watch out for:
-the name of the town
-"Now I feel stupid"
-"the apartment he shares with his mother behind Red & Bunny's Diner"...and he only felt stupid after threatening a nice perv with a sword.
-"I don't have a telephone"
-"'Where is she?' Van Iveren demanded, thrusting the 39-inch sword at the neighbor, according to the complaint. 'Where is she?'"...how heroic!

Eat it, HotScot!

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According to this post, McImprov had a hand in naming the Shatner Building:

To our immense surprise, the votes were overwhelming, and the name was changed. It sort of started with some people involved in the improv comedy troupe.

Was there really a vote? I know the name isn't official...
Posted by Bryan on January 25, 2007. Tagged with
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McGill Improv photos

Bryan asked me to bring my camera to the McGill Improv workshop this week to capture some of the new members. Here's the result of our fantabulous photo shoot. I hope I didn't get any names wrong.

Saima snuck away before I could steal her soul, and it was american thanksgiving, so there were some other absentees. I hope the turkey was worth it!

Posted by dustin on November 27, 2005. Tagged with
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The Proof is in the Proof is in the Proof!
Tonight I had the opportunity to see a production of the play Proof, written by David Auburn and put on at the TNC Theatre at McGill. It was very enjoyable. The actors were beautifully cast, and they all connected with their roles in an entertaining and captivating manner, with some tension thrown in for good measure. Proof grabbed my attention in the very first scene and was able to hold on to the very end.

A lot of student theater is mediocre at best. Proof stands out above the crowd. Go see it. (It was sold out when I attended, so I advise you to reserve your tickets.) It still plays on October 23 and 27-30.

My friend Adrienne Grafton was in the play, which is what brought me to see it. Kudos to her for her wonderful performance. Also kudos to the director Leorna Morris, who was able to put together an excellent overall performance (and was probably responsible for the choosing a good play to perform in the first place). The lead actress Jessica Besser-Rosenberg also deserves a heap of props. As the centerpiece role she was a key component of Proof's success, playing a depressive and yet likable persona. The male actors Gabe Camozzi and Joel Fishbane both provided a vigor that kept the play interesting to the end. I felt the need to mention them all, since every one of them was deserving of praise. Good show!
Posted by dustin on October 23, 2004. Tagged with


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