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Posted by vinny9 on September 14, 2010. Tagged with


I Don't Even Know Where To Start
Man names son Adolf Hitler

He has taken the swastikas down from his house and now acknowledges the Holocaust. But... but... this quote... It's mind-blowing:

Campbell remains surprised public reaction has been mostly vitriol. And now, he said, he feels threatened and wants out of the spotlight.

"I just want all this to be gone," he said Tuesday, emotional after a contentious interview on Fox Radio with host Alan Colmes. "I didn't really think, I guess, that the world is this cruel."
Posted by vinny9 on January 15, 2009. Tagged with


Holla Caust
It's the Hitler Rap!

It starts off seeming like it's just tasteless, but the second verse had me collapsed in a fit of giggles.

[Edit: Direct link isn't working-- you have to click through the video site...]
Posted by goodladd on March 20, 2007. Tagged with


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