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Interesting Vancouver 2008 Recap
Interesting Vancouver 2008 was a delightful little conference covering a wide variety of topics. Here's a recap of some of the points that I liked the most.

  • James Sherrett: We put 2 things into our bodies to make us who we are: stories and food. Be aware of what you're making part of yourself.

  • Darren Barefoot: Living outside your comfort zone helps show you who you really are, and grows you as a person.

  • Roy Yen: Our community is our culture.

  • James Chutter: Artists build on each others work. Push copyright laws to let it happen more.

  • Cheryl Stephens: Talk in plain language and more people will understand you.

  • Shannon LaBelle: There are a ton of little local museums around Vancouver.

  • Irwin Oostindie: We are our city's communities. Fuck stratas that shut down culture next to them.

  • Jeffrey Ellis: Vancouver has a vibrant underground comic community.

  • Tom Williams: Follow your true passion. Don't bullshit yourself about what that is. If you're unsure about your true passion, follow your tears.

  • Joe Solomon: We can create real climate change solutions today, using a kiva.org funding model and our existing community connections.

  • Dave Ng: Perspective is everything.

  • David Young: All the "great places" throughout history have been created by a core group of individuals in that place. Vancouver has more then enough potential to be a true great place.

    Huge credit to Brett Macfarlane for organizing the event. I'm looking forward to more Interesting in the future.
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