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For all you Linguistics majors out there...
Posted by chrisdye on December 31, 2008. Tagged with
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Fun With Linguistics!
So, you know how Jeff Goldblum is all stuttery and adorable when he talks? Apparently, if you record him and play it back at half the original speed, he just sounds wasted:

Posted by goodladd on April 4, 2008. Tagged with


Fun or Logical Analysis?
The one Linguistics paper I would ever show to Chris Dye before GBrowdy: Imperfect puns, Markedness and Phonological Similarity.
Posted by Mariana on October 31, 2007. Tagged with
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My Freakin' Pride!
I tried to respond to Andrew's post below several times, to offer an explanation before GBrowdy could show off. Alas! Sillytech thought I was spam! Even though I was logged in.

So I will offer you more auditory illusions thanks to the awesome Al Bregman AND another way cool video demonstrating the properties of sound using salt.

I will also remind Andrew- and any other readers who may or may not be named Gil- that he called me the better linguist. That's right... I'm the pettier better linguist!
Posted by Mariana on October 14, 2007. Tagged with
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But Is Gender A Factor, Too?
Study of Language Use in Children Suggests Sex Influences How Brain Processes Words
Posted by vinny9 on November 29, 2006. Tagged with
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One two many
This article may be of interest to you. Especially if you are a linguist.
Researchers discovered the Piraha tribe of Brazil, with a population of 200, have no [counting] words beyond one, two and many.
Posted by dustin on August 20, 2004. Tagged with
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MIT Open Course Ware saves Nigeria!
Today Mariana told me about some guy from Nigeria who emailed the Concordia Linguistics Student Association saying that they wanted to start a linguistics program but they didn't have any books or anything.

I mentioned to her that MIT had an Open Course Ware project going on, where they are putting all the materials for all of their classes online. MIT has a strong linguistics program, so I'm sure it's a valuable resource for the Nigerian dude. But MIT is strong in other things as well (computer science, engineering, AI, robotics, etc). So maybe there's something in this Open Course Ware program that's valuable for you?
Posted by dustin on April 3, 2004. Tagged with


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