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Do the People of Central and Eastern Europe really want democracy?
Here is a project of mine that never really took hold of the imagination of the general public:

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Mad Skillz part 2
a bunch of K-Strass' videos get pulled off of youtube, so get 'em while they're hot:

Painful interview with "yo-yo pro" Kenny Strasser from Doctor Popular on Vimeo.

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How The West Was Won
Made in China
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Heh-heh… heh-heh
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Ok, I'm Officially Old
UK kids that are into Manba

Wikipedia: Yamanba and Manba
Posted by vinny9 on July 3, 2009. Tagged with


Things To Do Instead Of Writing a Novel
I've recently been watching a lot of Iron Chef America, mostly because I think the Chairman is one of the most hilarious people on TV. Today I put together a montage of some of his finest moments.

Also, is it possible to copyright a character? Because if so, I think Marc D. Rowland should sue.
Posted by goodladd on May 24, 2009. Tagged with
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Next time someone drives on your lawn, just be glad...
Posted by chrisdye on January 26, 2009. Tagged with
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Great Power
God, I love ridiculous comic book crossovers. (click the image for the story)

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Iron Man Halloween Costume 2008
I have no life:
Posted by registeredname on November 1, 2008. Tagged with
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