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Lux DLX is now out for Android devices
Lux DLX has just been released for Android devices! It's now available on 5 major platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. Download it free for your computing device here.

Lux DLX is a fast-paced world domination game, with over 100 hand-crafted maps, challenging computer AIs, and lots of options.

Android Lux comes with a set of great maps for free. The Classic World map plus Europe, USA, the UK, and an extra bonus map are all included! Get over one hundred more maps using the in-app purchase unlock. We hope you like it!

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Lines Changing on a Map
Watch the changing borders of Europe:
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I previously wrote about Baarle-Hertog/Baarle-Nassau, a tiny town in Holland with a few dozen parcels of land belonging to Belgium. International borders run haphazardly through the town, dividing streets and buildings, like so:

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Well, it seems that Google maps has Streetviewed all of Holland and none of Belgium, resulting in Streetview stopping and starting at near-random intervals through Baarle-Nassau. My favourite part is that some of the Belgian parts have little parts inside them that belong to Holland. These tiny strips of Dutch land, some no bigger than a front yard, are streetviewed, while the Belgian parts are all cut off.
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Road Map
Map of USA generated purely by mapping the roads
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Battle of maps
Can anyone do better?

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Grotere kaart weergeven
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2008 Lux Awards
The Luxtoberfest 2008 award ceremonies are being held inside online Lux Delux on Sunday at 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern / 8 PM UK / 9 PM Europe time.

All Luxers are eligible to vote for the best map of the year. Please vote now!

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2,348 A.E. - Lux Map of the Week
2,348 A.E. Map

The year is 2,348 A.E. (A.E. After Earth) OR 12,349 C.E. and Earth has been rendered uninhabitable—forcing humanity into the Galaxy. The forces of New Earth fight for order, while the many crime lords hope to destroy it. It is a turbulent place, filled with thieves, mercs, warlords and those ... [read more...]

2,348 A.E. was created by Xeros Armera. It's the Lux Map of the Week.

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Nevada - Alien Assault - Lux Map of the Week
Nevada - Alien Assault Map

-The Air Force Bases & Phase Canon can attack any UFO hull, but the hulls cannot attack back.

-Capturing the 2 secret air force bases will incur a penalty

-UFO cockpits control the laser beams, which can attack all areas within the target continent. In other w... [read more...]

Nevada - Alien Assault was created by Mark Bauer & Drifter. It's the Lux Map of the Week.

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Dymaxion - Lux Map of the Week
Dymaxion Map

One small world. One big island.

Countries are connected if adjacent or linked by a dotted line. The "N.W. African Coast" and "E. Brazil" are connected; as well as the "W. Australian Claim" and "New Zealand".

Map based on Dymaxion map projection.
(Compass design has ... [read more...]

Dymaxion was created by yi3artist. It's the Lux Map of the Week.

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New Hampshire - The Last First Primary - Lux Map of the Week
New Hampshire - The Last First Primary Map

The front-runner for the nomination of the President of the United States misinterpreted the media's definition of a "battleground" state. Taking the term literally, the candidate brought his own private army to New Hampshire assuming that it must be conquered by force in order to win the election... [read more...]

New Hampshire - The Last First Primary was created by Mark Bauer. It's the Lux Map of the Week.

Posted by dustin on September 16, 2008. Tagged with


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