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Things To Do Instead Of Writing a Novel
I've recently been watching a lot of Iron Chef America, mostly because I think the Chairman is one of the most hilarious people on TV. Today I put together a montage of some of his finest moments.

Also, is it possible to copyright a character? Because if so, I think Marc D. Rowland should sue.
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Classics of British Comedy
The Benny Hillifier will take any YouTube video and turn it into a Benny Hill clip. Just get the video id for the video you want converted, and paste it in at the end of this URL:


For example... (May take a while to load.)
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Marc Finds Himself
Marc and Iris recently visited me in Israel. We had a fun day out on the town and made a little video. It's about Marc realizing the flaws of Christianity and searching for spiritual answers, only to find more than he ever imagined.

If you visit me, maybe you will get one of these, too!

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A comic for the likes of us
Check out Monsieur Québécois.

And while I've got everyone's attention... Marc ("Chronomorph"): Get a blog!

Who's with me?
Posted by Mariana on January 29, 2007. Tagged with
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I Heart House of Flying Daggers
This is my favourite part from the movie. OMG this song is teh bomb.

This song is good too, but I might be biased.

This movie makes me cry...

Ok, addition: If you haven't seen Sonatine, you should. But, you don't have to take my word for it.
Posted by Chronomorph on October 19, 2006. Tagged with
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