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For Chris
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My MiniCity
It's sort of like Sim City, but with a collaborative aspect--when you visit my town, more people come to live there. Please to be clicking, 'cause right now I'm just above AIDStown and I don't wanna catch it. (You can get it just by looking at someone, right?)

My environment

If you build a town, post your link here, for the clicking!
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Crossword Crossing Worlds
This weekend I had a mini-road trip from New York to DC. On the ride, my friends and I were doing a crossword. The title was "Reds". It became clear that the gimmick of this crossword was Communism.

Then this clue came up:
"What you say to a Russian procrastinator?"

"Quit your Stalin"

I am not joking. Aah, memories...

PS The link is for you, Budman.
Posted by Gbrowdy on April 24, 2007. Tagged with
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Hooray for YouTube overload!
If you like this one-minute clip, you'll love the one-hour highlights DVD I bought.

Posted by chrisdye on August 19, 2006. Tagged with
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