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Get Out Of There!
Posted by registeredname on July 22, 2010. Tagged with
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100 Great Movie Insults
Posted by vinny9 on June 30, 2010. Tagged with


Its incredible that Matthew McConaughey's yarmulke is only the sixth or seventh most bizarre thing about this trailer.
Posted by stretch on January 21, 2010. Tagged with


100 movies spoiled in 5 minutes
Posted by registeredname on November 14, 2008. Tagged with


A way to waste an hour, five seconds at a time.
Five second movies
Posted by chrisdye on October 19, 2008. Tagged with
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More Tom Cruise Than I Can Handle
Posted by registeredname on July 14, 2008. Tagged with
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Heyo kids,
I know Dustin posted about this a long long time ago but I just finished watching Little Miss Sunshine and I liked it alot so I had to say something about it. Yeah, it really is wonderful.
Top two movies I can think of right now: I heart Huckabees and Little Miss Sunshine.

that's it.

Posted by Maryam on October 5, 2007. Tagged with
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Improv in Movies
Crosstalk: Is Improvisation Ruining Film Comedy?
-from The Onion AV Club

Sillytech is a blog about improv, among other things. This is a long piece, but interesting.

Also, Seth Rogen was in Habonim. I like to boast that.
Posted by Gbrowdy on June 9, 2007. Tagged with


Run Wrake Rabbit, Run

Rabbit is a strange and wonderful animated short film. You can view it online here.

via shane neville
Posted by dustin on November 11, 2006. Tagged with
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La Maquina de Bailar
You know that Japanese dancing-style video game that came out a few years ago? Dance Dance Revolution, DDR, etc.? Well, it's not really popular here any more--I have yet to see it in a single arcade. But apparently it's popular enough now in the latin world that they've made a whole movie about it. Man, I hope it gets released here--I'd even pay the crazy Tokyo movie theater prices ($20 a pop) to see it!

La Maquina de Bailar
Posted by alice on September 13, 2006. Tagged with


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