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I use a server based RSS aggregator to read most of the websites that I follow. It was already online, so I decided to link it up and make my Reading List publicly available (link also available in the sidebar). It's a pretty assorted collection containing content about technology, games, online business, art, mcgill improv people, mac os, java, Vancouver, and live searches for content of interest to me.

If you want to see the internet through my eyes (and/or you're bored) take a peek. It's a 'river of news' style aggregator (like blogfather Dave Winer loves), with the newest stuff coming in at the top and pushing everything down. It gets updated every hour (on the :40's). I don't really read everything that comes through. There's a lot of skimming involved to find the entries that I care about enough to invest some brainpower towards.

It's using a hacked up copy of an older version of the feed on feeds package, which isn't perfect, but it works well enough for me.
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I was just looking through the web stats of sillytech.com. There appear to be various 404 errors for requests to OPML pages such as: /~dustin/mySubscriptions.opml

As far as I know, OPML is a file format for listing sets of RSS feeds. This allows you to export info about all the blogs you regularly read. Other people and prorgams can consume this info however they want.

There's no OPML support in sillytech, so these pages have never existed. I assume that there is some new OPML aware tool now coming alive on the net. I believe that Dave Winer is the hoopy frood that invented OPML, so he is the sensible prime suspect. Not that such a tool would be inherently bad, just that it should realize that I have no OPML and not come back for a while. I sent him a question about it.

Winer is also a (co-)founder and evangelist of the RSS format. There's been some flack and format wars going on, but I believe that he's of and for the power of the people. His Scripting News blog has been in the Friends of Sillytech for a while now.
Posted by dustin on October 24, 2004. Tagged with


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