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Battle of Wits: Marc D. Rowland
Your challenge: find a Wikipedia entry describing a cartoon character, the hilarity of which is immeasurably improved by replacing all instances of that character's name with the text "Marc D. Rowland".

Examples after the jump.

Additionally, I declare Dye! the winner of the previous battle of wits, mostly because his entry is the only one that still loads with any swiftness. Dye! wins a pun of his choosing.
Posted by goodladd on September 26, 2009. Tagged with
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Things To Do Instead Of Writing a Novel
I've recently been watching a lot of Iron Chef America, mostly because I think the Chairman is one of the most hilarious people on TV. Today I put together a montage of some of his finest moments.

Also, is it possible to copyright a character? Because if so, I think Marc D. Rowland should sue.
Posted by goodladd on May 24, 2009. Tagged with
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Classics of British Comedy
The Benny Hillifier will take any YouTube video and turn it into a Benny Hill clip. Just get the video id for the video you want converted, and paste it in at the end of this URL:


For example... (May take a while to load.)
Posted by goodladd on January 16, 2009. Tagged with
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Another public service announcement
Posted by YvonTripper on September 4, 2006. Tagged with


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