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Pin-Up Calendar from Medical Display Company Eizo
No hotlinking... Go visit the site.
Posted by vinny9 on June 17, 2010. Tagged with
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Colour pictures from around the world in the early 1900s
Posted by vinny9 on May 21, 2010. Tagged with
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Photo Graph
Posted by vinny9 on February 5, 2010. Tagged with


Chickens break up a rabbit fight
Posted by chrisdye on January 31, 2010. Tagged with
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I think this was going around awhile ago but it's still pretty slick.

The Real Meaning of Flags
Posted by vinny9 on January 23, 2010. Tagged with


Nature, Still Giving Me The Creeps
3D Mandelbrot set found
Posted by vinny9 on November 16, 2009. Tagged with


Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre
Pure awesome
Posted by vinny9 on June 23, 2009. Tagged with


New Yorker cover art done on iPhone
Video here. The embedding was busted by something in the vorg code.
Posted by vinny9 on May 27, 2009. Tagged with


I'm Every Woman
Stock photo lady sees herself everywhere
Posted by vinny9 on May 25, 2009. Tagged with


Like Half-Assed Origami
This is nuts. Pictures made only by folding paper.
Posted by vinny9 on May 13, 2009. Tagged with


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