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Enough is enough!
Posted by chrisdye on May 5, 2010. Tagged with


24 Hours of Worldwide Airplane Flights
Posted by vinny9 on February 5, 2010. Tagged with
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Great Place To Put An Airport

From The World's Scariest Runways
Posted by goodladd on November 14, 2009. Tagged with


Fast to Adjust Faster
Skipping meals can help skip jet lag
Posted by vinny9 on May 24, 2008. Tagged with


Seat Guru
The web really does cover everything: http://www.seatguru.com/

Plug in the airline you're travelling with and the type of plane you're travelling on and it will tell you the pros and cons of each physical seat on the plane.
Posted by Bryan on August 13, 2007. Tagged with
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The Fattest Way To Fly
The Aeroscraft Airship is still just a concept, but it looks damn cool.

Posted by dustin on November 4, 2006. Tagged with
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