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Olympic Water Cube from the 10m platform

With audio.
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Gambling with our Future
DEADLINE: Sunday 11:59 pm.

Our current national election has been the most boring one in our history. To spice it up a bit, I invite you to wager in the Election Outcome Pool. Guess the popular vote of the five parties, and the number of seats that they will win. Fill in this ballot in the comments section:

NUMBER OF SEATS (out of 125): LIB: X PQ: X ADQ: X

For every percentage point and number of seats that you are off, you get one point. The person with the fewest points wins.

Bonus: if you predict that the Greens or Québec solidaire wins a seat, and they actually do, you get 50 points deducted from your score.

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Get season 7 on DVD today!
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