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Cancontest: The true north strong off-key
In honour of one week after Canada Day, I propose the following contest: post the worst Canadian pop music.

Here's a few of my nominations to get us started:

Velvet Empire - Wha, Wha, What

Celine Dion - Unison

Snow - Girl I've Been Hurt

Mitsou - Les Chinois

Alanis - Too Hot to Hold
Posted by chrisdye on July 7, 2009. Tagged with


Techno Music + Google Maps + Calculator = ???
I'm not really sure what the author of this video is trying to say, but if they can get U2 to play, I'll be there.

Posted by goodladd on March 9, 2009. Tagged with
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Pole Tergeist
Mysterious silhouette in picture of bonfire said to resemble Pope John Paul II

Equally said to resemble the also-deceased Denver, the Last Dionsaur.

Yes, I know... Get back to work...
Posted by chrisdye on October 18, 2007. Tagged with


So YOU think you can dance?
Maybe Carlton should have used his own video on how to dance:
Posted by registeredname on August 11, 2007. Tagged with


C'est Bon Des Pop-Tarts
Les Têtes à Claques
Posted by vinny9 on January 29, 2007. Tagged with


Largest Circulation Newspapers
Worldwide, Japan has the largest circulation newspapers. English doesn't even come in till 11th.
1. Yomiuri Shimbun         Japan        14,067,000
2. The Asahi Shimbun Japan 12,121,000
3. Mainichi Shimbun Japan 5,587,000
4. Nihon Keizai Shimbun Japan 4,635,000
5. Chunichi Shimbun Japan 4,512,000
6. Bild Germany 3,867,000
7. Sankei Shimbun Japan 2,757,000
8. Canako Xiaoxi (Beijing) China 2,627,000
9. People’s Daily China 2,509,000
10. Tokyo Sports Japan 2,425,000
English Language:
11. The Sun                UK           2,419,000
13. USA Today USA 2,310,000
14. Wall Street Journal USA 2,107,000
15. Daily Mail UK 2,093,000
26. The Mirror UK 1,597,000
37. New York Times USA 1,121,000
38. Hindustan Times India 1,108,000
50. The Hindu India 989,000
54. Los Angeles Times USA 902,000
62. Punjab Kesari India 817,000
78. Daily Express UK 720,000
79. New York Daily News USA 715,000
80. The Washington Post USA 708,000
81. Daily Star UK 705,000
83. New York Post USA 686,000
94. Chicago Tribune USA 601,000
Here's the top 100 from all languages page that I took this data from.
Posted by dustin on November 25, 2006. Tagged with
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Soda Montreal
Is anyone going to see shows at Pop Montreal? I recognize very few band names. Any recommendations?
Posted by Bryan on October 4, 2006. Tagged with
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