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Betty's coming back
On September 26th, Betty Krawczyk is being released from jail. Here's the the theatrical trailer:

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Policemen inciting riots?
Here's a CBC report (video or text) about police dressing up as anarchists and trying to start a riot during the recent SPP protests in Quebec.

The boots of the provocateurs match those of the police, and the men fled behind the police line to escape. The police refuse to say who the men were, and no other protesters recognize them. You can watch the full union footage on youtube, which is where the CBC got the story from.
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Legalize Marijuana Already Canada
On May 6th I'll be taking part in the Vancouver section of the Global Marijuana March to show my support for reforming Canada's antiquated drug laws. Under the previous government Canada was poised to bring our drug laws closer in line with the reality of our society. Unfortunately the Liberals delayed and delayed until they were booted out.

I'm not very optimistic that the Conservatives will bring about any positive changes to Canada's drug laws. This gives even more reason to go march and show your support. Canada could be a bellwether in the global move to rationalize marijuana laws, but we need to take some real action. Sending our peaceful protesters to the US to face lifetime imprisonment is not the route that I want to see this country take.

Here are the details I found for the major Canadian cities. Check here for info on other cities worldwide. Vancouver: meet at the Art Gallery at 2 PM on May 6th. Montreal: meet at Berri Square at 1 PM on May 6th. Toronto: meet at Queen's Park North from 11 am - 8 pm on May 6th.

Also, I took this opportunity to test out Youtube and upload the video I made from Montreal's 2003 Marijuana March. (Anybody know if I can change the frame it displays in the preview?)

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Protest the Republican Convention in New York
The New York City tourism department set up a website for protestors in advance of the RNC. Ha!
Posted by dustin on August 19, 2004. Tagged with
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