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iDon't Think So
Why I won't buy and iPad (and I think you shouldn't, either)

From Cory Doctorow via BoingBoing

This article really tingled my anti-consumerism side which scared my Apple loving side. What do y'all think?
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Indie games roundup does Ancient Empires Lux
Ancient Empires Lux was included in GameTunnel's latest indie game roundup. It was ranked 3rd (out of 10 games) with a score of 7.8 and the "silver award." The pull-quote:
"The presentation here is extremely well done, with a polished interface, nice 2D graphics, and included historical notes for each period."
Also, I just found this Ancient Lux review on a Hebrew linux site. I don't know what it says (can you tell me?), but it definitely looks cool.
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2006 Book Review
At the start of 2006 I decided to keep a log of all the book I read. Through the year I knocked down a total of 22 books. Oddly enough, more then half of those were back in last January (a month of rain wherein I first joined the awesome Vancouver public library). Out of the 22, I had only read 1 before, and non-coincidentally I'm rating it at the very top. Here are my top 5 books from 2006:

Stranger in a Strange Land - Robert A Heinlein
  This is currently my favorite book of all time. I strongly suggest you read it.

The Life of Pi - Yann Martel

Flatlander - Larry Niven

In A Sunburned Country - Bill Bryson

Mount Appetite - Bill Gaston

The full list comes after the jump, with small descriptions...
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2006 Year in Review
I moved to Vancouver on January 7th, 2006. The start of the year was filled with finding a place to live and getting myself set up here. I was working on American History Lux at the time, but it got pushed aside a bit as I explored Vancouver. It's a pretty vibrant city (moreso then some people here think), and I partook in Moose Camp (and was captured on GETV b-roll), a meeting of the pillow fight club, some sessions of Manhunt, and the critical mass bike parade. All that and more in the first months of the year.

April saw the release of American History Lux, with related marketing activities following. I also made it out to Whistler for a few late ski days. Vancouver hosted some bubble love, and I got one of my photos from it published on Boing Boing. During the summer I took a trip down to the Casuality Seattle Conference, and after that to Montreal for Nikki and Robb's wedding (plus additional debauchery).

Work on Lux Delux continued in spurts throughout the year. The plugins were put on better display, divided into categories, and better Map of the Week awards were added. Lux was released in retail stores in Germany (looks like I forgot to post about that), and got an interface re-design. I started a 2006 in review page on the Sillysoft Wiki that lists the exact dates of various 2006 happenings in Luxtopia.

Vancouver continued to entertain me, with the improv festival, the illuminares lantern festival, the BarCamp unconference, and more. I finally got around to making myself a new pair of devil sticks. In September I moved to a new downtown apartment, and it's a keeper.

October hosted the third annual Luxtoberfest Contest and Celebration. It was the biggest and best yet, and I don't know how we can top it next year. Afterwards I got myself set up with a new MacBook Pro as my main computer. Sillysoft popped out a little Devil's Brigade Lux game, commissioned by some TV people. I set up the fast news website Hot Grog on a lark - I plan to do some more with it in the future.

Ancient Empires Lux was being worked on throughout the last half on the year, and was released in December. Shortly after that I took off for a family holiday down to Central America, and then Christmas in Toronto. I came back to Vancouver for New Year's, and that's the end of 2006. It was a good year. I started settling into Vancouver, did some traveling, and kept up the growth of Sillysoft. Now on to 2007!
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ReviewMe - a blog review marketplace
ReviewMe is a new site that is trying to setup a marketplace where bloggers can offer to write honest reviews in exchange for money. The money comes from companies or individuals who want to get reviews. I think it's an interesting idea. Getting reviews can be tough sometimes, so having a straight up chance to buy an honest one can be a good deal. I'm testing out the system with Lux Delux, having just put in a review request for a blog that looked interesting.

ReviewMe is also spicing things up with an initial pool of $25,000 that they are paying out to bloggers to review the service itself. That's what this post is: a sponsored post from ReviewMe. I will apparently get payed $30 in exchange for this review of their system. The pay-out is dependent on each individual blog's traffic standings (as best as ReviewMe can estimate them at least). The only imposition on the review is that it must be at least 200 words long, and it has to state that it is sponsored.

I had a bit of trouble signing up initially, but once inside their system is pretty good. They got some good early buzz, and there's a variety of interesting blogs that have signed up in their system. I'm awaiting the results of buying my review before making further judgement.
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Quick movie reviews
Little Miss Sunshine is an absolutely hilarious movie. You should go and see it, you'll like it. I give it 10/10.

Cars (by Pixar) is a very nice movie. Funny and colorful. I give it 8/10.

Superman Returns was OK, but nothing special. I give it 5/10.
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