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The Most Expensive Indian Movie To Date
Posted by vinny9 on September 23, 2010. Tagged with
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Petra's Call flash webcomic

Petra's Call is an innovative flash-based webcomic from Ninja Robot Dinosaur that you should definitely check out. There are 15 episodes currently, all available through the embedded flash app above.

I met the creator Shane Neville years ago in Vancouver. He since moved out to the Maritimes, but looks like he's back in Lotusland in 2010. Exciting!
Posted by dustin on January 26, 2010. Tagged with


Not Freaky At All
Miltary creating remote-controlled cyborg insects
Posted by vinny9 on October 2, 2009. Tagged with
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Next: Flipping the Bird
Posted by vinny9 on August 24, 2009. Tagged with
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The New Economy
Japan gets closer to zero population growth
Posted by vinny9 on March 16, 2009. Tagged with


The Distant Future, the Year 2000
Japan on course to make all anime come true
Posted by vinny9 on July 25, 2008. Tagged with


No, I'm Sarah O'Connor.
The People Who Use Military Bots
Posted by vinny9 on May 8, 2007. Tagged with
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Okay, more YouTube treasure
Leave it to the Japanese to perfect Spiderman. Thank you Toei!


Posted by Alex on August 20, 2006. Tagged with
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Marc's robot would just punch randomly
Honda builds mind-control interface for robots
Posted by vinny9 on May 25, 2006. Tagged with


My cyborg identity

Digital Unit Skilled in Troubleshooting and Immediate Nullification
Posted by dustin on August 30, 2005. Tagged with
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