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There's unbelievably terrible, and then there's...
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It All Makes Sense Now
Posted by goodladd on August 27, 2009. Tagged with
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The New Zealand Ice Blacks perform the Haka

Also, gingerbreadmen performing the haka:
Posted by chrisdye on November 30, 2008. Tagged with
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Well, This Is Auckward
I heart New Zealand:

Posted by goodladd on July 9, 2008. Tagged with


Go All Blacks!
I don't watch Rugby, but the All Blacks are now officially my favourite team. I thought it was amazing when I saw a team perform this chant at the dragon boat festival, and now that I know it's background I think it's ten times as cool.

All of us should find ways to incorporate the Haka in our daily lives:

you should at least watch the very end, or just watch the following version:
Posted by LePhil on July 26, 2006. Tagged with
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