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Vitamin C!
Amazing blog article about science and scurvy
Posted by vinny9 on July 13, 2010. Tagged with
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Nature, Still Giving Me The Creeps
3D Mandelbrot set found
Posted by vinny9 on November 16, 2009. Tagged with


Posted by stretch on November 9, 2009. Tagged with


Great, now there are whole other species that dance better than I do.

Youtube is combining with science to answer a question posed by Darwin. (click ahead to the article on Avian Dancing)
Posted by stretch on December 14, 2008. Tagged with
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Parahippocampal gyrus? They don't even pay us!
Study find brain useful in detecting sarcasm. Duh!

Smarmy internet commentators everywhere, unite!
Posted by stretch on June 3, 2008. Tagged with
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Clean Sweep For Time Cube
Kavli Prize's first winners announced

Modeled after the Nobels, they are awards for 3 fields that didn't exist in old Al's day: astrophysics, neuroscience and nanoscience.
Posted by vinny9 on May 28, 2008. Tagged with
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Wired.com has an intriguing article LSD: The Geek's Wonder Drug?
Like Herbert, many scientists and engineers also report heightened states of creativity while using LSD.
"We have been deeply touched by our experiences with psychedelics and it is hard that there is not a single legal study with LSD given to humans anywhere in the world," said Doblin. "We need to bring what is underground and illegal back into a legal context."
Posted by dustin on July 18, 2007. Tagged with


It's So Easy Being Green
Quantum effect in photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is awesome and learning about it can only help solar research since it's had a lot of the engineering kinks worked out of it. This article shows just how damn efficient it really is. It's a pretty technical piece but if you can follow it, it's impressive as hell.

Nutshell version of article:
Light hits the photosynthesis chemical. Parts of the chemical oscillate at different energies. These oscillations interfere in a quantum way (over many possible frequencies) and the one with the best resonance (the oscillations that get along best) wins. This optimal interference is how the energy gets transfered.
Posted by vinny9 on April 13, 2007. Tagged with


But the future is now?

I love it.
Finally we are safe.
Posted by LePhil on February 9, 2007. Tagged with


Wet Pink Folds
Cognitive neuroscientist on his experience on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

I definitely use these tactics when playing trivia games. Interesting to see it all laid out formally. It's surprising what gets stuck in the brain.
Posted by vinny9 on November 9, 2006. Tagged with
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