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Relaunching as Vorg
Vorg is the new name for SillyTech. That's the software that my blog runs on, along with a bunch of other cool people.

The Tag Cloud shows what Vorg blogs about. Authors - tags are a powerful way of us becoming internet authorities on topics we care about. Highlights include the map blog, music blog, photo blog, video blog, art blog, Montreal blog, and Vancouver blog.

RSS feeds are being pumped out for individual tags, individual authors and the full Vorg.

The Funny Quote Database has an improved view!

Vorg is continuing its slow and steady growth. All feedback is welcome. Some more improvements are planned soon. Also, we're looking for a few good bloggers to join Vorg.

Why the name change? Running 2 entirely different websites both starting with Silly in their names wasn't working for me. I hope you like Vorg.ca as a domain, I think it's pretty awesome. I'm gradually putting URL redirects in place with the goal of minimizing loss of google mojo. Everything should be switched over in the next few days.
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Why Does Sillytech Hate?
It seems like a lot of people can't leave comments while logged in right now because of the spam filter. What gives, Dustin? I, for one, have a number of fictional dialogues between Amazon.com and One Metre Beer that I'm dying to get started.
Posted by goodladd on October 17, 2007. Tagged with
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Sillytech redesign
Sillytech has undergone a redesign. The goals were to eliminate all the boxes, and make things cleaner all around. If things look wacky, try refreshing your browser to get the new style.

What do you think?
Posted by vorg tech on May 26, 2007. Tagged with
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Who Is The Girliest Sillytecher Of Them All?
Has anyone seen this before?

The Gender Genie

Based on the work of some Israeli linguists, this algorithm looks at a chunk of text and guesses whether or not the author was male or female. In the original study it guessed correctly something like 90% of the time, though the web-based tool has a lower success rate.

A quick rundown of the blogs I tested:

Me - Consistently guessed male
Adrienne - Mostly guessed female, one false male guess
Budman - Consistently guessed female
Sean - Mostly guessed male, one false female guess

I'm not sure what this proves, apart from the fact that Budman apparently has a very feminine writing style.
Posted by goodladd on April 21, 2007. Tagged with
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Photos in the sidebar
I updated the sidebar to include a random photograph on each page. The pictures are selected from the Sillytech Pool on flickr. Everyone is welcome to join the group and add their best photos to be included.

This is just one of the many great features that flickr provides. If you own a digital camera and you want to share photos online then go sign up with flickr. It's free (with a monthly upload limit) and awesome!
Posted by dustin on November 17, 2006. Tagged with
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Vote for your favourite blag*
Canadian Blog Awards.

Both Sillytech and Without Annette are up in a lot of the same categories, because I'm an idiot (but an idiot who cares). Still though, voting is anonymous and you can show your favourite wobsite* some love.

*not a typo.
Posted by Mariana on November 15, 2006. Tagged with
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Praise like you should
So apparently there are Canadian Blog Awards.

Go nominate some blogs you like.

I've taken the liberty of entering this fine blog, and Without Annette, in a few different categories. Voting begins November 15th, so I'll remind you then.
Posted by Mariana on October 1, 2006. Tagged with


Multiple category tags per post
I upgraded the category system on my blog. Posts can now be put in multiple categories. When posting there's a free-form text field where any category labels can be entered. This means that categories don't have to be pre-defined. This approach has been successful in a number of other websites, and has come to be known as tags (or 'tagging'). Eventually I'll make a nice tag cloud (like the one at flickr) to show the weight of each category in the total make-up of posts.

Hopefully it doesn't break anything (let me know if you notice something).
Posted by dustin on June 26, 2006. Tagged with


Pirate Parlance Preparation
International Talk Like a Pirate Day is but one week away, so you've all got a lot of work to do to get ready.

This website helps you perfect you pirate accent. Apparently, pirates were Newfies.

This site should help with vocabulary..
Posted by chrisdye on September 11, 2005. Tagged with
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Top speed
Any one know how to calculate the top speed of a Dodge Dart 700HP 5 speed with a 0.71 overdrive 3.23 final drive.
Posted by johnny on December 13, 2004. Tagged with
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