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Nil-Nil Draw + Sound of Angry Bees = World's Greatest Spectacle
Surf the web as if you're at the World Cup! http://www.vuvuzela-time.co.uk
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Go to google.
Search "world cup".
Tons of good info is listed at the top.
Make sure you scroll to the bottom.
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This Guy Loves His Team
Posted by vinny9 on March 18, 2010. Tagged with


Am I the only person who didn't know Montreal has a soccer team?
Posted by goodladd on March 5, 2009. Tagged with
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Awesome Balls
"Street style" soccer competition
Posted by vinny9 on November 21, 2008. Tagged with


Who passed to who?
Here's a nifty little graphic showing who passed to who, and the influence (flowbetweenness) of each player in the 2006 World Cup final:

Here's the enlarged version.

Seen via visual complexity, there's graphs from more matches here.
Posted by dustin on July 15, 2006. Tagged with
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I don't support the company, but the ad is great!
Joga Bonito
Stand for beautiful soccer.
Posted by LePhil on June 3, 2006. Tagged with


Soccer sundays
Whew. I just got back from another successful soccer sunday. It was an overcast day, so not many of my regular crew came out (only Neale and Jacob). However, due to the glorious nature of Montreal's summertime Sundays there were plenty of guys in the park and an excellent pick-up game emerged.

We didn't keep score, but I think the other team would have been the winner. I was able to score 2 goals though, which is nice is a game full of people out on an overcast day to play soccer ;-). Playing soccer is by far the best workout I get. Plus it makes me feel so great afterwards. Huzzah!

Anyway, it's an open invitation to come play soccer on Sunday in Jean-Mance park, just south of the path that leads to Rue Rachel. The set time is 3 o'clock, but things usually get started around 3:30. Cancelled only when it's actually raining at the set time (overcast doesn't count as raining).
Posted by dustin on May 22, 2005. Tagged with


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