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Go Winterboks!
The first ever African Nations Cup of Ice Hockey will be taking place from September 19-26 in Johannesburg, South Africa, between Algeria (who are fresh off their first ever victory against a French Division II team), South Africa (who I witnessed lose all of their games in the IIHF Div. IIB World Championships last May) and Morocco (who I know nothing about).
I will let you know exciting details as they are made available!
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How To Make Apartheid Look Good
South Africa Rape Survey

Holy shit. 25% of men in this regional survey admit to rape. 10% of men admit to being raped by other men. The whole thing seems completely unbelievable.
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The Click Song
Miriam Makeba died today. She was a terrific South African folk singer in the 60s, with hits such as "Click Song" and Pata Pata:

and as cheesy as Paul Simon can be, this is a pretty moving rendition of Nkosi Sikeleli Africa with Miriam Makeba and Ladysmith Black Mombaso:

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In your face, Mongolia!
South Africa beat Mongolia 12-4 to win the silver medal in the International Ice Hockey Division III World Champions.

South Africa also beat Greece, Turkey and Luxembourg, before finally falling to those dirty Commies from North Korea . They therefore are promoted to Division II next year, to face powerhouses like Belgium, Serbia and Spain.

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