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The other day I found out about MySQL's INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statement. It allows you do do an INSERT when a given key doesn't exist, or to do an UPDATE statement when it does.

I have a lot of code that does a query to see if the given ID exists, and then does an INSERT or UPDATE depending on the condition. This statement should simplify such code nicely. Good thing I know about it now.

I'm not sure if this is MySQL specific or general SQL. I'm pretty firmly locked into MySQL already though, so it doesn't really matter to me.
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RSSMailingList: a free combination RSS feed creator and mailing list manager
For the Sillysoft Newsletter I wanted an email mailing list that also had an RSS feed of itself. This way users could subscribe whichever way they want. I didn't find anything that did what I wanted so I created my own using PHP and a MySQL database.

I mentioned it on the macsb mailing list offering to share my code. A few people seemed interested, so I cleaned it up a bunch and hereby release it as RSSMailingList!

If you want a combination RSS feed generator and mailing list manager then check it out.
Posted by dustin on April 21, 2005. Tagged with
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Importing database backups into MySQL
Reminder to self: The command to run an SQL file into MySQL is:
mysql -u USER -p DBNAME < dump.sql
More info to be found at google answers page.
Posted by dustin on April 19, 2005. Tagged with
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the MS SQL equivalent to MySQL's 'limit' command
The MS SQL eqivalent of MySQL's LIMIT clause is TOP. Example:

SELECT TOP 10 * FROM stuff;

Will return the top ten rows, effectively doing the same thing as

SELET * FROM stuff LIMIT 10;

This was found here and has been verified by me that it actually works.
Posted by dustin on February 11, 2004. Tagged with
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