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There's An App For That
Man proposes via iPad, pushes boundaries of lameness.
Posted by goodladd on April 17, 2010. Tagged with


Social Networking and Business
Janeane Garofalo is having (with Dana Gould, Paul Provenza, and maybe the ACLU) an exclusive event for a certain kind of person. It's Friday, free, and part of Vancouver's Comedyfest. All it takes is lining up (first come, first served) with a print-out of your MYSPACE profile.

Is this the sort of thing that Dave Pollard is talking about in his "how to save the world" blog item 10? Your previous link-love got me thinking about it, and I later found myself on the comedy show's page. How can web-based social networking and the business mindset be used and harmonized? Or is this simply cross-promotional corporate advertising on the web?
Posted by Mirzipan on February 27, 2008. Tagged with
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Sir Pixel-lot
Gigapxl Project

=incredible digital photography, taken using 100lb cameras that capture between 4 and 6 thousand megapixels.

Dustin, I'll bet your Canon PowerShot SD600 doesn't seem so impressive anymore, does it?
Posted by goodladd on September 10, 2006. Tagged with


Do The Robot
5 cool gadgets from Sony labs
Posted by vinny9 on July 31, 2006. Tagged with


Ok that is it!
Ok so i am retarded with technology. that has been long established. But here is the problem. I use realpayer to play songs on my computer. The other day some people laughed and called me old school. i had no idea realplayer was "old". but the point is that whether or not it is hip, it i screwing with me. It shuts down randomly and randomly deletes song! I just went from having 606 songs to 534 songs. How did that happen? how am i supposed to get those songs back? This is so sad!

So my point is, what's the word on the street? what are all the technologically hip kids using these days to play songs on their computers? is it iTUnes? 'cause i have iTunes. is there anything more user/dumb friendly than iTunes?
Posted by Maryam on July 12, 2006. Tagged with
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