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Flickr Sucks
Ok, not really, but their "Photos from your contacts" algorithm does. I've started getting around it by just plugging people I want to watch into my RSS aggregator, or feed reader. I've always just used it for blogs, but this is also a great way to get all the photos I was missing. There's lots out there, but I like Bloglines. You can just click the "add" button and enter in the address of whomever you want to watch. In my case, it's just:


Speaking of which, someone's already subscribed to my photos. Is it one of you guys?
Posted by alice on January 13, 2008. Tagged with
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FireFox auto-complete tip
FireFox likes to suggest all kinds of weird completions when I fill out some forms. Through a bit of searching I found this great tip on Lifehacker for how to clean up the list of completions that FireFox will suggest:
Just start to type in into the form field until the grey dropdown appears, then use the cursor keys to move to the entry to be deleted and press the SHIFT key and the delete key. Voila!
Posted by dustin on February 21, 2007. Tagged with


How to get discounts on the internet
If you're ever buying something on the internet and you see a Coupon Code or similar field on the checkout page, take a moment to look around for a coupon that you can use.

RetailMeNot.com is one site that is dedicated to collecting coupon codes. I searched it for godaddy.com and got 10% off a couple of domains using digg as the code. Nice.

Google is another option, running a search for XYZ coupon can turn up results that Retail Me Not doesn't have. I just checked and it works for Sillysoft.
Posted by dustin on January 7, 2007. Tagged with
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Digital photography linkpack
Posted by dustin on September 8, 2006. Tagged with
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Fun with swing and java2d
Here's a cool article with some java2d/swing tricks including painting something in the corner of a JScrollPane so that it's visible no matter where they scroll to.
Posted by dustin on April 26, 2005. Tagged with


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