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I'll Have the Dorso-Lateral Pre-Frontal Cortex to Go, Please

I'm not to into the whole zombie genre but, holy hell, this is engaging filmwork!
Posted by Gbrowdy on February 19, 2011. Tagged with


If Vinny Has Already Posted This, I Resign
Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh.

Posted by goodladd on March 24, 2010. Tagged with
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Mother Flippin Hot Tub That's a Monkey Lovin Time Machine
Posted by Gbrowdy on January 16, 2010. Tagged with
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Swede-ish films
There is this movie Be Kind Rewind coming out with Jack Black and Mos Def.

It's about these guys who work at a video store. All the tapes get demagnetized, so they make low budget remakes of certain films.

To promote the idea and film , there is a youtube page full of low budget trailers of big budget classics.

Check it out:
Posted by registeredname on January 7, 2008. Tagged with


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