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It appears that the Beijing Olympics will be attaching ribbons to toonies and giving these out in lieu of traditional medals.

Eight-year-old Aerfa made these herself.

If you're thinking, man, Aerfa doesn't sound like a Chinese (Han) name, you're right. The article says she's from XinJiang "autonomous" region, a.k.a East Turkestan. That likely makes her an Uyghur. While you'll never see the Beastie Boys at a Free Uyghurstan concert, they likely have just as legitimate a claim to self-rule as the more cute and fuzzy Tibetans.

But don't say that while visiting Beijing for the Olympics.

In case you've ever wondered, the J in Beijing is hard, like the j in jack, not the j in j'accuse. No real clue how to pronounce Uyghur, but maybe it sounds like a Jew meeting a bear?
Posted by Bryan on March 28, 2007. Tagged with
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