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Comments Update
Due to the large number of spam comments coming through on this blog, I've changed the way that comments work:

Comments from unknown sources will now wait in moderation until they are manually approved.

This may delay some comments appearing for some time, between when they are posted and approved. But it should eliminate the spam comments appearing.

If you comment when logged into a vorg account, your comments will be automatically approved.
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Relaunching as Vorg
Vorg is the new name for SillyTech. That's the software that my blog runs on, along with a bunch of other cool people.

The Tag Cloud shows what Vorg blogs about. Authors - tags are a powerful way of us becoming internet authorities on topics we care about. Highlights include the map blog, music blog, photo blog, video blog, art blog, Montreal blog, and Vancouver blog.

RSS feeds are being pumped out for individual tags, individual authors and the full Vorg.

The Funny Quote Database has an improved view!

Vorg is continuing its slow and steady growth. All feedback is welcome. Some more improvements are planned soon. Also, we're looking for a few good bloggers to join Vorg.

Why the name change? Running 2 entirely different websites both starting with Silly in their names wasn't working for me. I hope you like Vorg.ca as a domain, I think it's pretty awesome. I'm gradually putting URL redirects in place with the goal of minimizing loss of google mojo. Everything should be switched over in the next few days.
Posted by dustin on March 8, 2008. Tagged with
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