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Notoriety for That Thing We Play
Seen in the Harvard Coop a few weeks ago... WTF?

Posted by goodladd on February 19, 2011. Tagged with
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Happy Last Birthday!
Posted by vinny9 on April 21, 2010. Tagged with
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Get It? She Eats Food!
Posted by vinny9 on October 7, 2009. Tagged with


Wow. Just... wow.
WARNING: Lots of naked women. Very NSFW.

A scent for men...
Posted by vinny9 on August 28, 2009. Tagged with
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If This Was A Movie, I'd Laugh Derisively At The Writers
Team trying to create "evil" AI
Posted by vinny9 on August 14, 2009. Tagged with


How To Make Apartheid Look Good
South Africa Rape Survey

Holy shit. 25% of men in this regional survey admit to rape. 10% of men admit to being raped by other men. The whole thing seems completely unbelievable.
Posted by vinny9 on June 18, 2009. Tagged with
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I'm Sure It's Intentional
Posted by vinny9 on May 7, 2009. Tagged with
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More headlines like this please...
Pope's top exorcist says Harry Potter is 'king of darkness'

Why can't we ever get these as improv suggestions?
Posted by vinny9 on September 3, 2006. Tagged with


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