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Seder Quips
I'm pretty sure that ours was the only seder that began with the phrase: "I really enjoy Joey Fatone". I think my mom was reading from the wrong book...
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Fun with Gifts
Today I received a DVD entitled "Yoga for Inflexible People". I have absolutely no time to work this into my schedule.

Did you get anything cool this holiday season?
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Why Me? Sigh.
Cosmo never said anything about a nuclear war! When you find a man, everything is supposed to be rainbows and champagne. What gives, North Korea?!
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Halloween is just around the corner and I think we all need to start thinking about our costumes. Many of you may be tempted to dress in some sexy little outfit (i.e. a kitten or a bunny) - I'm looking at you, Andrew - but I urge you to think twice about this. Halloween is not a vehicle for your sexuality but rather a wonderful opportunity to dazzle and delight with costume magic. People should wonder "oh, who is that before me?" not "how can I get a piece of that ass?" or "wow, those are hot boobies!". I know that I have certainly never been met with such reactions and I can only hope that you too will be spared. I hope you can share in my concern and take the appropriate steps this year to ensure that Halloween is treated with the dignity that it deserves.
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Slice of Boredom
I am in Thunder Bay and I am writing this from a public computer in what is supposed to be a quiet space. I am flanked by an old guy who alternates between farting and swearing and two young guys who are debating the nature of law. This post is my feeble attempt at retribution for their annoying behaviour.
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To Summit Up
I cannot come to the Summit. I had planned on attending and was looking forward to it and now there's no way I can go and it is really very irritating. I love and miss you all (well most of you anyway).

Good luck everyone!
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I am just writing to say that Dustin is a computer genius. He has made my job much, much easier. I don't think we can come close to understanding his genius but we should try.

Thank you, Dustin. Thank you.
Posted by MissNikki on November 4, 2005. Tagged with
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Goodbye, Amy!

Posted by MissNikki on August 14, 2005. Tagged with
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Canadian Living
My monthly dose of domesticity advises that the best way to kiss summer goodbye is to "make a batch of chili sauce" or, better yet, "collect a bouquet of rosehips".

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Stolen from other blogs cause it's fun - please add yours!
Here's a list of ten things I've done that I suspect you haven't:

1. Attended the Milli Vanilli concert and bought a poster.
2. Accidentally flushed my mother's engagement ring down the toilet.
3. Read "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" while on a cruise ship.
4. Gotten lockjaw while kissing a boy.
5. Severed the skin at the bottom of my nose with a trailor hitch.
6. Won a taxation award and a drama award in the same night.
7. Tap-danced with fruit on my head while people called me "Edna".
8. Drank a Sex on the Beach while witnessing sex on the beach.
9. Been shot with a pellet gun in the middle of the Terry Fox run.
10. French-kissed a dolphin.
Posted by MissNikki on March 8, 2005. Tagged with
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