Halloween is just around the corner and I think we all need to start thinking about our costumes. Many of you may be tempted to dress in some sexy little outfit (i.e. a kitten or a bunny) - I'm looking at you, Andrew - but I urge you to think twice about this. Halloween is not a vehicle for your sexuality but rather a wonderful opportunity to dazzle and delight with costume magic. People should wonder "oh, who is that before me?" not "how can I get a piece of that ass?" or "wow, those are hot boobies!". I know that I have certainly never been met with such reactions and I can only hope that you too will be spared. I hope you can share in my concern and take the appropriate steps this year to ensure that Halloween is treated with the dignity that it deserves.

Posted by MissNikki on October 3, 2006 with category tags of

I urge all of you to ignore this message. Please. Andrew, I'm looking at you.
   comment by Chronomorph (#11) on October 3, 2006

All bow to the costume wisdom of Nikki
   comment by Shawn on October 3, 2006

Hot costumes are da bomb! Join in or you're no fun.

   comment by anonymous on October 4, 2006

I think I understand what Nikki is saying, but I can't shake the feeling that she's just trying to ruin my halloween.
   comment by LePhil (#198) on October 4, 2006

I'm with you Nikki. Although I think there can be a happy medium - something that is flattering without being slutty. If I can figure out how to make a corset by Halloween I might be in the midway mark.
   comment by Adrienne (#149) on October 4, 2006

You know, I know you joke, but there is a reason you're all looking at me.

(It's my hot boobies.)
   comment by goodladd (#144) on October 5, 2006

Girls's Costume Warehouse
   comment by dustin (#1) on October 26, 2006

Sorry, Nikki. I think I failed.
   comment by goodladd (#144) on October 29, 2006

The Girls' Costume Warehouse link is hysterical!
   comment by Bryan (#22) on October 30, 2006

Sexy Lobster!
   comment by missnikki on October 30, 2006

...and frog!

I liked the NJ-stereotype guy:

"Get up off your ass, and get the fuck down here... I got shit over here I'm tryin' to fuckin' sell!"

or maybe I just like gratuitous swearing.
   comment by Alex (#118) on October 30, 2006

Andrew, that is a dead sexy picture.
   comment by Mariana (#35) on October 31, 2006

Rob Corddry on Halloween
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on November 1, 2006


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