Who Is The Girliest Sillytecher Of Them All?

Has anyone seen this before?

The Gender Genie

Based on the work of some Israeli linguists, this algorithm looks at a chunk of text and guesses whether or not the author was male or female. In the original study it guessed correctly something like 90% of the time, though the web-based tool has a lower success rate.

A quick rundown of the blogs I tested:

Me - Consistently guessed male
Adrienne - Mostly guessed female, one false male guess
Budman - Consistently guessed female
Sean - Mostly guessed male, one false female guess

I'm not sure what this proves, apart from the fact that Budman apparently has a very feminine writing style.

Posted by goodladd on April 21, 2007 with category tags of

hum...this is very interesting indeed. I tested 2 separate sets of blog entries of mine. Out of 7 personal entries, the female to male hits were 4 and 3 respectively. However, when i tested 6 scientific entries, all were guessed to be male.

I can't really speculate what this means because I haven't read what they are basing all this on yet. Also, I said that all entries were blog entries (which is true) but maybe "fiction" would've been more appropriate for the scientific texts (I guess I'll need to control for this later) But keeping those things in mind, it is interesting that my more professional writings are consistently associated with being male. As for the personal entries, I am not sure what that means. I guess I do swing both ways after all!

p.s. this entry was guessed to be written by a male (this p.s. excluded)
   comment by maryam on April 21, 2007

by "fiction" of course I mean "nonfiction". Gawd help if that was a Freudian slip of some sort.
   comment by maryam on April 21, 2007

Interesting, I write like a lady. Only 2 of 9 entries came up as male. I mostly used entries from my food blog, which is a kind of weird sample. But I checked a few other entries on different blogs, and only 1/3 male. Budman, you're in good company.

   comment by KingCasey on April 21, 2007

Maryam's slip of the tongue (keyboard?) makes me giggle.
   comment by LePhil (#198) on April 21, 2007

yes phil, that made me giggle as well, not to mention questioning my career choice and deepest beliefs...
   comment by Maryam (#72) on April 21, 2007

Giggling is female.

I'm 6-to-1 male. I guess I shouldn't be going around saying I'm all man, just mostly man.
   comment by Bryan (#22) on April 21, 2007

Actually, I checked my previous statement to find out if it is my feminine side that giggles. It turns out that no, giggling is all male.
   comment by LePhil (#198) on April 21, 2007

Your food blog is a weird sample? Hehe...
   comment by Gbrowdy (#55) on April 22, 2007

That was female.
   comment by Gbrowdy (#55) on April 22, 2007

alright people! stop it with the meta already!

...that was female...

wow...i just tapped into the hypermeta and blew my own mind.
   comment by Maryam (#72) on April 22, 2007

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