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It went well. Huzzah! Also, contrary to (apparently) popular thought, I was an organizer again this year. And hurray McGill, for the second Shatner in a row.
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The Future Sucks
Apparently there's a law preventing games from being shipped directly to consumers across the border (Chris, why!?). I couldn't find World of Warcraft anywhere in town so I had to resort to ordering from the only domestic website I know for games: Futureshop's. After several business days, they have yet to even process my order, much less ship it. By contrast I bought DVD's on Amazon recently and they shipped within hours of my order.
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Getting too many calls?
Have you had to change your number because Paris Hilton's recent PDA leaked it onto the internet. Say so in clothing!

For more on Hilton's latest mensa application visit

PS. I'll never figure out to link long adresses in this blog.
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Groundhog Day Pizza Extravaganza?
That's what my note says... Marianopolis alumni (the Marianopolitans as Maryam likes to say) are all invited to this 'groundhog day pizza extravanganza". To me the name seems overly long, and maybe even a little showy. But I'm not in charge of these things. It begins at 6pm, on Thursday night. I think they want people to RSVP with the Marianopolis alumni association.
Last year there was free beer too. The note isn't specific, but here's hoping.
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That guy, Rene
So I recently handed in a tvII prject I'm not ashamed of. It's available on the web for a limited time only at my friend Phil's page. It's called 2 days with Rene. Also I'm noticing that sillytech is very picky about how you use HTML and it likes IE but discriminates against those of us who would choose Firefox.
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I'm bat at titles...
Thanks to Vinny and Chris who gave me some feedback on my script a while back. All of which I used before turning it in. I was accepted to advanced writing for television, and also television 2. And I finally got new computer, after going 2 months without one.
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I happen to have some server space I have which has been generously given to me by Dustin. Over at I keep a few files so I can post images on my blog, but I eventually want to use that space to start a website for my comic Meanwhile on Planet Earth (MOPE). In the meanwhile, you can visit the address and read the script for MOPE as a television show (in PDF format). I had so much fun writing it I may just write another few episodes, and I'll post them too. So if you're bored, by all means, read the script up there. Tell me what you think, because before July 1st I want to submit it as my qualifying assignment for advanced writing for television. Be brutal, I need this to be perfect when I give it in.
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My new, improved blog.
So as a class project I had to keep a blog about technology all year. Now that school is over, I have switched to a blog mostly about what I do and what I hate. I share it with a friend who also hates many things. Come visit us at
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A movie
Hey. My most recent video work, which is somehwat less accesible than my last, is up on the internet. There is a link to it in my blog at not too far from the top. There is a banner for it, it's called 'You Must Fail'
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Internet beats TV. Again?
This may not be news to everyone, but it has to come out. Now everyone knows I'd sooner cut off my legs and learn proper French than stop watching TV, but the day I stop may not be too far off, with bit torrent and Missed your favourite show last night, or just don't have a TV ? Download bit torrent and then goto novasearch. Aside from all their other downloads, they usually have the latest episodes of TV serials. And it's free of course.
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Media Update
An, additional video has been uploaded to the
change the name homepage. Look under the media section and enjoy our new educational video.
Posted by Reverend_Jerry on March 3, 2004. Tagged with


We have new media
The Students Promoting the Hingston Renaming have finally finished their promotional video. Visit
and look under news to see this revolutionary piece of footage.
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Important Petition
Hey everyone, whether you go to Concordia or not, it's time to sign a petition. The Concordia communications dep't is located in the dreary Hingston Hall, a building overshadowed by the downtown Hall building. But what if my dep't was in just A hall, but in THE hall? That's why we want to change the name to the Arsenio Hall. So please head on down to to make your voice heard! Please sign the petition seriously (there are allready too many petitioners supposedly from the Concordia department of lingerie studies).
Posted by Reverend_Jerry on February 6, 2004. Tagged with
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Myself, objectified.
Hey, in case any of you ever wondered what I would look like if I was composed of the images in my pockets, then hastily scanned and edited... I'm proud to offer you
this link. Enjoy.
Posted by Reverend_Jerry on February 3, 2004. Tagged with


Slow Progress
Japanses animation slowly makes headway in our culutre. Unfortunately I think most people would assume this to be what it's mostly about.
Posted by Reverend_Jerry on February 2, 2004. Tagged with
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