Legalize Marijuana Already Canada

On May 6th I'll be taking part in the Vancouver section of the Global Marijuana March to show my support for reforming Canada's antiquated drug laws. Under the previous government Canada was poised to bring our drug laws closer in line with the reality of our society. Unfortunately the Liberals delayed and delayed until they were booted out.

I'm not very optimistic that the Conservatives will bring about any positive changes to Canada's drug laws. This gives even more reason to go march and show your support. Canada could be a bellwether in the global move to rationalize marijuana laws, but we need to take some real action. Sending our peaceful protesters to the US to face lifetime imprisonment is not the route that I want to see this country take.

Here are the details I found for the major Canadian cities. Check here for info on other cities worldwide. Vancouver: meet at the Art Gallery at 2 PM on May 6th. Montreal: meet at Berri Square at 1 PM on May 6th. Toronto: meet at Queen's Park North from 11 am - 8 pm on May 6th.

Also, I took this opportunity to test out Youtube and upload the video I made from Montreal's 2003 Marijuana March. (Anybody know if I can change the frame it displays in the preview?)

Posted by dustin on May 4, 2006 with category tags of

GMM Vancouver post-march report:
It was raining the morning of the march, which didn't bode well. However, it stopped about an hour before the appointed 2 PM start time, and the skies remained closed for the duration. Something like 200 people were there in Vancouver. The gathering and march were great fun. There was a kicking drum and horn band leading us, and everyone was having a great time. We ended up in front of some Environment of Canada building. The demonstration continued there for another few hours. There were contests and giveaways, another band Honeybox rocked out for a while, and Marc Emery was there (wearing a very nice suit I thought).

I bought a raffle ticket and it won me a dozen magic cookies! I gave away a bunch to some people there. Sharing is caring after all.

At one point the police came in and towed away one guy's car, perhaps because they ticketed him for being impaired because of pot. The crowd sparked up a chant of "Impairment Test First", but the police refused to give him a DUI test. It's a shame they tried to throw a kink on the demonstration, but it didn't kill the vibe as the party continued on afterwards.

It looks like Toronto had a huge turnout in their march, with thousands of people showing support.

Props go to David Malmo-Levine who seemed to be organizing much of the Vancouver march, as well as to the Rasta Moves guy who kept people upbeat throughout.
   comment by dustin (#1) on May 9, 2006

Marijuana is bad for your health, you fucking idiots, you actually believe that having a society of youth smoking drugs is good for us? what the fuck is wrong with you?
   comment by charles Barker on March 29, 2009

Marijuana prohibition is bad for society (you fucking idiot). It creates gangs and violence.

Ever heard of medical marijuana? MJ can be good for your health in some cases.
   comment by dustin (#1) on March 30, 2009

I think we should make weed legal!
It makes everyone happy :) - HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! ;D
I'm happy when..!?
   comment by Kaja Hall on May 6, 2009

Dude, I think this a good idea too, it makes me happy too, BRAAAP!
   comment by Tamara Green on May 6, 2009

charles barker is waaaay too angry of a person, whether you agree with pot legalization or not, we as a society do NOT need such angry, hatefilled psychos like you in the world. If you dont like pot then get some paxil or zoloft man and just mellow out. Additionally, learn some new language. Everyone knows alcohol and other hard drugs are part of heavy criminal lifestyle, the rest of us who just like pot are kind, happy, peaceful people. You dont qualify :p
   comment by allisimo on May 6, 2009

First of all, the real name of this magnificent plant is "cannabis sativa" and i encourage people to use it over "marihuana" or "marijuana" which is a name the american government gave it in the 30s to discredit all of its incredible aray of products. From the hemp plant, we can make ethanol which polutes 10 times less than oil. From its seeds we can make plastic which is 10 times harder than metal and is biodegradable. 1 acre of hemp can produce as much paper as 4.1 acres of trees not counting that a tree reaches its maturity in 20-25 years as hemp grows in less than a year. The transformation of hemp into paper causes 7 times less pollution than from trees. Obviously the big oil and tobacco, liqueur and paper companies would never let such a plant be legal and have surprisingly sponsored and funded many anti-"drug" campagnes. Cannabis has been first cultivated by the chinese over 10,000 years ago, they made over 5000 products from it. Cannabis has never been considered a "drug" before the 30s. In fact it was legal to pay your taxes in cannabis in the 16th-17th to the early 18th century in the United States of America. Never, in the entire history of mankind, has anyone ever died of smoking cannabis. Unlike the millions who die from tobacco or alcohol. If you want to verify everything i have said, go search in the Britannica Encyclopedia which was itself printed over 150 years ago on paper made from hemp. Learn your facts, learn why it should really be legal, and keep smoking it.
   comment by Thomas G on May 20, 2009

I spent about two years of my life with alcohol. It took me some weird places, most of them unhappy. After a 3 year hiatus on all mind altering substances, I've recently started using marijuana again.

The only negative effective I can report so far is it sometimes makes me -too- ponderous. The only comment I've read so far that presents a solid argument against it's use is:

"Q: Why don't you smoke marijuana more regularly?
A: I'm not letting the big boys take over my mind.
Q: What do you mean, the "big boys"?
A: President Johnson, all the political bosses. I feel powerless and inert if I smoke—I feel guilty. Some people think it's better for us to be stoned.
P: What people?
A: The power structure. They want us stoned because we aren't as politically active then."

I can name a legal, widely available drug that can promote vandalism, acting offensively and violently towards others, severe depression, and a breakdown in physical and mental health.

the worst that happens on marijuana is a few too many hours on playstation, ten bucks too much on food, and sleeping in on voting day
   comment by Xe Nos on September 10, 2009

I am a law abiding citizen, with the right to know why outdated laws are being used to turn ordinary people like me into criminals. The war against marijuana is a contemptuous process that puts people in jail where they do not belong. It is quite obvious why offenses that take lives or harm people are illegal. We do have the right to live healthy and safe lives, do we not? Now please tell me how smoking or selling marijuana endangers or harms anyone’s life, any more than alcohol, tobacco or toxins from vehicles and factories. Please tell me why marijuana should be illegal, but make sure to do research into why it was made illegal in the first place? It certainly was not for health. What must the citizens of Canada do, who want the laws changed around this product? What is needed… letters, petitions, phone calls, court cases?

I also ask that the extradition of Marc Emery be stopped immediately. He should not go to jail, he is not a dangerous criminal. Actual criminals, such as pedophiles, sex offenders and murderers, are often released on technicalities or allowed out on probation because they behaved well behind bars. Yet a perfectly harmless individual is being sent to jail for five years for selling something that should be legal. I thought I was living in an enlightened era, but it seems the Dark Ages are still upon us.

I hate to think our politicians are afraid of organized crime that wants our marijuana which is being exchanged for dangerous drugs. If this product is legalized, it takes it away from organized crime! If that is an erroneous thought, let me know why.

Please think about this… if hemp and marijuana were legalized, thousands of jobs would be created. There would be a licensing process. Industrial hemp needs to be planted outdoors, and can fully replace what trees have given us, saving our forests. Medicinal marijuana should be grown indoors, so as not to be compromised.

Do law-makers have any idea how beneficial these plants are to us, I’m very curious? Or are opinions based solely on the fact that “the law says it is illegal”? It used to be illegal for women to vote, and those laws got changed, but I hope I don’t have to go through what the suffragettes did to accomplish it. It is education, not prohibition, that will create the sensible use of this product.
I am living in the West Kootenays of BC. I have 2 cats, a dog, a partner, two grown daughters & a son. I volunteer in my community and I am currently on a sick leave caused by doctor’s prescriptions… never again. I’ll stick to weed. It has never made me sick, ever in my whole life, and I have been smoking it since 1965! I would like to see a world wide class action against the archaic laws around cannabis. Is it possible?
Kaslo BC
   comment by Linda Kelly on November 7, 2009

If you want to boost the economy, give jobs to those who need it, stop starvation, and a whole bunch more just legalize it, the government can tax it and make a profit of there own its a win win situation.
   comment by Koda on November 23, 2009

i think marijuana should be leaglized it would be better for canada and i will be at the march =D
   comment by caleb cupples on November 24, 2009

I`ve seen some comments about how marijuana is bad for your health & also some about leading to gangs and violence. The only thing that is dangerous about marijuana is getting mental addiction. It was proven that marijuana is NOT physically addictive. Studies have been made and there was no trace of brain cells being killed. The marijuana itself is not dangerous but the smoke that comes from burning the plant is.
There have been myths that marijuana decreases motivation, that has also been proven to be wrong, if your lazy while smoking, you`re just lazy smoker, you cannot blame it on the plant. How can marijuana lead to gang and violence ? Its only a plant. You`re the only one making the decisions, you choose whether you will or will not use violence. I`d say that marijuana should be made legal, but before that we need to inform the population. - Tom
   comment by Vanishedsoul on November 25, 2009

I think Weed Should be Legal Because If the Government could tax it right they will be out of debt and crime will go down and People Will be to stoned to think to cause crime
   comment by Leah on January 27, 2010

I have used it, i have sold it and even distributed it...

I hated it, i loved it, i rolled it and i even butched it out....

I lost my kids over it, i bought weed instead of diapers...

I ate once a day, when i got the munchies.....

I stayed in, i played my games, i went to bed late and got up too late!

Forgot to shave, forgot to clean the house, forgot my moms birthday was today....

Got a 7 and used some of my rents money, called my ex-girlfriend to tell her i'll pay the child support when i could......

I rolled the butches cause my check only comes on the first,, its the 22nd... but its ok cause it seems i always get by....

My friends are always there, when i have weed, but its ok their there when im in need...

I do my grocery with whatever i have left, shit i bought the weed before helping the ones who have left...

If you use it, there is something in there you did.

You people keep on saying money is ruining us, because all cures needs money.

Are you earing yourself?, no a blunt wont get you hooked, but why do you calculate it before much more important things?

Legalising mari for profit?, another bad move all because of money? you see what i am getting at?


Stop smoking for a week and think ;)
   comment by Mart on January 28, 2010

Legalising mari for profit WILL NEVER BE DONE!!,, this is why they have legalised it for medical use!



So you guys better come up with something better than it is going to make profit because it is simply not true!, its not that simple! and yes oyu think more when oyur stoned but it doesin't mean its all good!

Personally, i wouldn't want my little girl to be around pot heads all fucking day, i want her to do something with her life, not just fucking lay around fucking smoking pot!.

One day you will stop it because its true, its not "physicaly" addictive but "Mentaly" is or you will slow down (if you never got a wife or a steady job) and feel the same fucking way i feel about my childrens, until then you will never understand.

Wait until the day your 13 year old daughter will come home with her 16 years old pot head and then tell me what you think will happen to oyur childs future, nothing much.....

anyways, now i use it about once every 2 to 3 months whenever i feel like it and i know my daughter wont see my face this way ; )

Its fun as a teenager, but in reality its then that you shouln't have done it....

later, think about it for a sec

   comment by Mart on January 28, 2010

And anyway, if mari is legalised you think the governement will sell it to you for 10 buck a pop? loolol, trust me they'll find a way to find bad things about it along the way to charge you more and more for it just like cigarettes, because either oyu like it or not you are still SMOKING it : )

So its better off buying it from a dealer, keep it underground for everybody's sake and usually cops dont bother you for a joint, so whats the problem?
   comment by Mart on January 28, 2010

Also i know alot of dealers, their not all that bad as people think of, yes there are some fucking morons who will think their king shit only because their selling it but this is why they get busted.....
   comment by Mart on January 28, 2010

Oh ya one last thing...

Like i said earlyer, the gov will sell it more, so you think there wont be anymore underground selling it for less?

lolol,, and um my friend up there who says that hemp has never killed anyone...

My friend is in jail for 21 months as we speak for killing someone while he was driving under the influence of marijuana, he's getting out this march, so when you think, think further, dont just stop thinking up to the good stuff ; ).

You cant find nothing bad because you like it, its normal and understandable, weed isin't all that bad, i like it too and the way we get it now is just fine because one way or another you will still find yourselfves buying it from a dealer because it will be to expansive to buy and further more i have tryed the medicinal shit and its crap, i could've smoked an ounce by myself and still not get any munchies so guys keep on dreaming!
   comment by Mart on January 28, 2010

RESOLVING MARIJUANA PROHIBITION join the group on facebook there doing there best to make pot legal support them all you can.
   comment by bob on March 29, 2010

Mart, the way you word your arguments makes you sound mentally handicapped. How are we supposed to take your opinions seriously (however misguided and idiotic they are) when you can't even form a coherent sentence?

Cannabis should be legal. Any thought to the contrary is simply a product of ignorance and misplaced trust in the government that has anything but your interests at heart.
   comment by Kyle on May 12, 2010

First of all I have enjoyed all comments, and respect all the points of view. Having said that my common law wife smokes everyday. I used too smoke-up but have recently quite. I believe she is addicted, she does not want to quit or mentally cannot. Our twenty-year old daughter also smokes-up, I have said to my wife, she can be a good example to our daughter by quitting. This seems to fall on deaf ears. My wife thinks she is not hurting anyone. I disagree as with all addictions there is denial there is a problem. We are unable to save money, she spends all her money recklessly and turns to me to provide for the shortfalls she has financially. She has lots of friends it seems the only qualification is they smoke-up. My suggestion to anyone who sends in the next comment and is pro-cannibis. Please ask those who are close to you, who do not smoke-up, if your smoking-up affects them, and base your comments with this insight. Thank-you this is one mans opinion
   comment by Robert on June 17, 2010

I believe Canada should legalize it. About 55% of Canada agree, and 41% Oppose. (As a rough estimate) and It's really benifical on many parts - Hemp is fast growing compared to trees and can make many things like paper, clothes, plastics(Which bi-degrade), oils, skin care and cosmetics, livestock bedding and feeding, food, medicence, and even supplements. It can be taxed to a cetain amount so Canada can make profit from it. Cannabis Sative is NOT addictive, been proven to be less toxic then cigarettes and alcohol. So why legalize something more harmfukl? You can't overdose on THC unless you smokes 22 joints in 5 minutes. The only negative side to this is competition and kids falling under it. If I had children I'd rather have them smoking dope then to drink or smoke cigarettes.
   comment by Chelena. on June 19, 2010

I'll be honest with everyone here, I'm probably out of everyone's league here age wise, most would consider me to be a mere child. I'm only 15, but I can't say I haven't seen some of the effects it can have on people, I've seen one end to the other on this subject. In my opinion, I do think it should be legalized, but we do need to be mindful that we are still human beings and it is a substance that can still be misused, and addictive in the same sense as food or chocolate.

I've seen people who have ruined their lives by surrounding themselves with it, and I've seen others with university degree's (who should probably find a better suited area to stash it from their kids) who do it regularly. Marijuana has so many benefits, yet our society still feels we are unable to make our own decisions.

I say everyone should let the world know what our opinion on this matter is, and we should be allowed to make more of our own decisions, and not have anyone take a nearly harmless plant from us
   comment by Nicholas on August 6, 2010

My government allows the sale of cigarette cancer stix, but not marijuana stix, which are all natural. Weeeeeeeeeeeeird.
   comment by Ohai on September 16, 2010

my opinion: LLLegalize it .... its good that we are all riled up... but its time for people to do something, sometimes i wish the world was smaller so i could play a better, bigger part in it... im not able to face millions of people against it, we actually need a group.... im never going to drink... alchohol is really much more addictive and harmful than weed im not going to claim anithing but id bet you 10 bucks more people have died and ruined their lives from alchohol... I FEEL LIKE WE HAVE ENOUGH SUPPORT TO LEGALIZE IT AND ACTUALLY PLAY A PART IN SOCIETY INSTEAD OF LETTING THE GOVERNMENT STEAL THE RIEGNS BECAUSE OIL COMPANIES PAID THEM, AND STUFF BUT WE NEED TO HARVEST THIS... OTHERWISE IN 10 MORE YEARS THERE WILL STILL BE BLOGS LIKE THIS AND NOTHING MORE WILL HAVE CHANGED (THIS IS A GREAT BLOG WE SHOULD GET EVERY BODY INTHE COUNTRY TO VOTE AND CHOSE THE OUTCOME)
   comment by im15 on October 8, 2010

there are plenty of people who harm more people worse from their irresponsible alchohol habits, but they are less famous than those cannabis uses with a lack of self discipline. know why? because drunks die before any cannabis user!!! I LOVE YOU MY CANADIAN SISTERS AND BROTHERS!!! US AMERICANS SHOULD FOLLOW YOUR LEAD
   comment by im15onemorething on October 8, 2010

Its safer than alcohol. Safer than tobacco. Safer than prescription pills. Its impossible to over dose on. It will create jobs when legalized. The plant stem is the strongest NATURAL fibre on the planet, as well it can also replace gasoline as it can be converted to bio diesel. It can replace plastic. Ironically enough the reasons it is so great are the reasons its illegal. Major corporations will lose more money than marijuana will produce. Its funny that mankind will gladly keep something that will do so much, and put a stop to harsh oil diggings illegal, because of money. If done sooner could have prevented the war for oil in afghanistan.
   comment by Colin on October 31, 2010

I personally think it should be legalized becuase it would prevent people from getting addicted to other drugs that are sold illegally with marijuana also the benifits of legalization would be astronomical
   comment by bongblaster on January 27, 2011

the pot is so delightful, the governments laws are frightful, the laws just need to go, let it grow let it grow let it grow
   comment by bongblaster on January 27, 2011

   comment by vee on March 8, 2011

Political figures and a lot of law persons would have people think that disposing of all drugs would solve nearly all issues of crime. That said, an academic paper, from John Jay University, by anthropologists has found that making drugs less expensive may be the answer as crime rates rise and fall along with the prices of street drugs. Source for this article: Study suggests lower price of drugs leads to less crime.
   comment by ashparker on December 24, 2011

I worked on the drilling rigs and was drug free and then I had my vehicle mishap requiring STARS air ambulance to fly me to hospital because my injuries were so bad. I take BOTOX for my brain injury which subsequently made my left arm close so very tightly to my body that my finger curled into a ball and I had to use a cone to wrap my hand around tp keep it open. But now after my accident I used marijuana (Sativa strain) and wow marijuanas just like BOTOX. Only marijuana is a shorter lasting drug than BOTOX, thats the only difference between the two.
   comment by Paul Sencell Jr on February 16, 2012

The only thing i can say is that if the gouverment can make money on it. Then they will make it legal.
Cigs are bad for your health but there legal....booze is bad for your health but its legal...Soon and the gouverment finds a way to control it and tax it then it too as well will be legal..
Like the saying goes... no money no candy.... GOV. idea of legal
   comment by Smitty on March 1, 2012


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